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  • 12 2017-10

    How to repair the leakage of the automobile exhaust pipe?

    The owner of the car for a long time will encounter many large and small car trouble, some owners of their own fault can be solved, this article will come today to give you a brief introduction of automobile exhaust pipe leakage encountered how to repair.

  • 12 2017-10

    The bigger the better, the better

    Change the engine intake and exhaust efficiency, thereby changing the engine output characteristics. In general, the intake is to increase the intake efficiency by replacing the high flow style, while the exhaust is replaced by a more robust exhaust pipe, so that the exhaust becomes smoother.

  • 12 2017-10

    Automotive exhaust pipe imitation rust, fade a coup

    1. prevent the muffler from entering the water. When driving or washing the car in rainy days, the water inside the muffler should be prevented. When the water, should start the engine idling hot car for at least 10 minutes, try to make internal water discharge. This is crucial!

  • 12 2017-10

    How many roots are there in the exhaust pipe? Is that really important?

    Professors often recommend some cars that are worth buying, and we sometimes mention that a car uses a double exhaust manifold in the evaluation of these cars. Everybody is on the road, also really see some car exhaust pipe layout form is different, some only one-sided single root, some are unilateral two, and there are both sides have exhaust pipe. However, have you ever thought about the layout and number of the exhaust pipes in different forms, in addition to the appearance of the impact, in the end what is the actual role?