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  • 12 2017-10

    Analysis of the causes of blue smoke from the automobile exhaust pipe

    At present, the engine used in the car is basically a four stroke engine. This type of engine at the most common reason is oil smoke in burning, that is oil to the combustion chamber. Oil and fuel should be completely separated, if the exhaust take the blue smoke, may be the result of the following fault of engine parts.

  • 12 2017-10

    Exhaust pipe knowledge big difference between exhaust and double exhaust

    There are many ways to arrange the exhaust manifold, one side, one side two, and the other two sides. Now the exhaust pipe exhaust should be responsible for the design in addition to the engine, but also beautiful enough personality, which is the most common single exhaust with double exhaust, that in the end with an exhaust pipe with two exhaust pipes and what is the difference? How much more is the exhaust pipe? Let's talk about this problem today.

  • 12 2017-10

    What's wrong with the black smoke from the exhaust pipes?

    There are many causes of black smoke failure, if the carburetor is black smoke, the reason is more complex. For example, during cold start, the spark plug is not good, want to play half a day to start the motor, so the mixture in the cylinder volume is not completely burned, naturally there will be black smoke; or vehicle ignition at the wrong time, before or after the fault will cause smoke generation. EFI cars generally emit black smoke rarely, if the smoke really appeared, it is mostly in the cylinder body failure. "Broken cylinder" is a common one.